Unboxing the August 2014 Dinosaur Dracula Funpack

Punk rock can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some, it may mean stealing change to buy some malt liquor and passing out in a squat. To some others, it may mean going to Warp Tour and riding skateboards with your shirt off.

But to me and my friends growing up in the 90’s, punk rock meant a certain code of ethics. It meant diy records, fanzines, booking tours of people’s houses for your band, shunning any sort of monetary or standard definition of success, and, in general, just doing things your own way and in the most honest way possible.

A big part of that was supporting your friends and what they do.

Whether it was buying your friend’s record, or helping them put together their zine, supporting each other and keeping it all going and alive and vibrant was an essential part of being “punk”.

Hell, even if it was someone that you didn’t know personally (which is half of my blog/internet buddies), you still supported them in any way you could, if you liked what they were doing.

Like a lot of people in the 90’s, I did a fanzine. It was called “Gamma Green”. Don’t look for it. It mostly featured stuff about music, with some social commentary thrown in for good measure.

My other friends all did their own zines, also. We would put them together, trade them, mail them away, and just give them away to people who might be interested in that sort of thing.

When I first started doing a blog (fitfordragoncon.com), I saw blogs as the natural successor to the fanzine. It was easy, it was cheap, and it let anyone who felt like they had something to say, say it. You could share them with your friends. You could write guest columns for them.

Granted, I still don’t think that blogs will ever hold the same spot in my heart as zines did, and still do. Blogs just can’t quite capture that spirit of a cut-and-paste zine that someone poured 6 months of their life into.

Still, as an aging person who grew up in the activism-charged punk and hardcore scene of the 1990s, I feel like “Support” and a certain “punk” ethos is very much a part of who I am.

In that frame of mind, and against my better judgement, I am now presenting my first-ever vlog.

I want to be perfectly honest: I don’t really like 99% of vlogs. I really don’t care for unboxing videos.

My wife has a subscription to a makeup box. She watches videos of people unboxing their makeup boxes.

It’s boring, it’s awkward, and I can’t fucking stand it.

Therefore, I will keep this video up on youtube until I get the September funpack in the mail, or I just can’t live with myself anymore.


You can subscribe to Dinosaur Dracula’s monthly funpacks HERE. Apologies to Matt, for making such a shit video.


Don’t tell my wife about this video. This is just the sort of thing she’d never let me live down.

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9 Responses to Unboxing the August 2014 Dinosaur Dracula Funpack

  1. Muzz, Emil/Emil Muzz says:

    “Presto Magic(TM)/
    Return of The Jedi(TM)/
    Makes the Action Come Alive (probably one more TM)!”

    My gawd… Three decades later, and that jingle suddenly came rushing back from the far reaches of my consciousness.

    • Aaaand YouTube doesn’t disappoint:

      • bayoubabylon says:

        Yeah, I didn’t really remember these. Kids were so easily entertained back then. These two dudes look about 13, at least. Hard to picture 13 year olds nowadays being impressed by ROTJ “transfers”.

      • At 13, I may have had better luck with this sort of kit. I can recall being (briefly) the proud owner of the Temple of Doom Presto Magix set at the tender age of five or six, and at a complete loss as to what to do with my little treasure. I remember ending up with a shirtless Dr. Jones holding a quarterstaff menacingly near the giant skull at Kali’s feet, but missing his body below the waist since I was apparently too stupid to use the product correctly.

        It looked so much cooler on TV…

      • bayoubabylon says:

        Now that you mention it, I may now try and use this one. Just to see if it’s any fun whatsoever, or if I can even successfully do it.

  2. Brandon says:

    I can’t wait to get mine.

    • bayoubabylon says:

      Yeah, it was pretty exciting. I know I don’t seem too excited in the video, but the more I play with my loot, the more I love it.

      • Brandon says:

        Mine came last week. The highlight was a Ninja Turtles movie bumper sticker.

      • bayoubabylon says:

        Yeah, I got one of those! Pretty awesome. I always wonder where this stuff comes from. I mean, I might could dig up a few of these items out of a box in a closet somewhere, but to have enough of it to mail out to a bunch of people; there’s no way.

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